What our customers tell us ...

about AV Stumpfl projection screens



"Some of our Stumpfl frames are approaching 4-5 years now and are solid as rock. "

Jamie Masefield, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA

"I love using your screens... they make life much easier"

Gary Woodbridge, Audio Solutions, Queanbeyan, NSW

"thank you for bringing these screens to Australia"... "they make our life much easier."

Tony Pintori, Audio Solutions, Queanbeyan, NSW

"the Stumpfl frames are fantastic... I would like to replace all my frames by yours"

Joe de Abreu, Austage, Alexandria, NSW

"Stumpfl frames last longer than the others... the frames don't sag"

Andy Bruin, AV Corp, Croydon, NSW

"some of my clients specifically ask me to use a Stumpfl screen"... "they are a step ahead in their field."

Rob, Loud Audio Lighting, Wagga Wagga, NSW

"the AV Stumpfl screens never bow, even in larger sizes"... "they always look good."... " The legs are always straight, not always the case with other brands"

Martin Bailey, Nova Multimedia, Fyshwick, ACT

"Novatech uses Stumpfl screens exclusively. After years of wrestling with other brands, we decided the only sensible option was to sell all our non Stumpfl screens and replace them with the industry's best. Stumpfl more than meets our requirements whilst helping us fulfill our commitment to only stocking the best AV gear money can buy. "

Anthony Vade, Novatech Creative Event Technology, Underdale, SA

"they stack together very quickly"... "as far as I'm concerned, yours are the best screens in the market"

Sean Keaveny, Scene Change, Wollongong, NSW

"The Vario screens are very good and perform very well. They are very strong but compact. Fast to set-up and easy to transport."

Michael Hassett, TDC, NSW


Hong Kong

"I love using Stumpfl screens because it always come with accurate screen and frame dimension. "... " the rigid design of the screen frame as well as the colour continuity of the screen surface give confidence to the user and it represent the company reputation. By using Stumpfl screens, I can focus on other issues as I know the Stumpfl screen will work. "

Francis Lee, Pacific Projection Ltd.


New Zealand

"The screens are great, fast to put together and I'm very happy with the RP skin"

Peter Dexter, Oceania Screens, Aukland



"ETG Pte Ltd used before many types of screen over the past 25 years. After our purchase of our 1st AV Stumpfl screen, based on our evaluation, we are impressed and have decided to change and upgrade all our existing screens."

Gilbert Yap, ETG Pte Ltd

"We have Stumpfl screens from late 2003 that are still going strong, that's almost 7 years! Other brands we have in inventory are all failing in some way or another. +1 for Stumpfl."

Sheldon Gooi , The Production People Pte Ltd

"The screen actually cut down the rate of injury for crews. They used to get bruises and cuts for the setting and dismantling of screens. AV Stumpfl screen have less sharp edges and are easy to extend and keep. They are more stable and do not give you the wave view after a few usage."

Gary Theng, Source One Audio Visual Pte Ltd



"For rental business like us, high quality and easy to use are the most wanted. And AV Stumpfl can make for us."

Arin Rojanasathien, Media Vision, Muang, Nonthaburi



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