eyevis OmniShapes


eyevis omniSHAPES, manufactured in Germany by Eyevis GmbH, represent a new concept in the world of video walls. The small pixel pitch of only 0.4mm and a very narrow gap (0.8 mm) between each unit ensure a wall of great aesthetic appeal and a high quality image. The modular design provides a great flexibility of arrangement.


image of eyevis omniSHAPE Hex


image of 10 eyevis omniSHAPES



When compared to LCD panels, eyevis omniSHAPES are much smaller, are light weight and can be handled by a single person. They employ LED light sources and consume less power. They provide up to 60,000 hr operational life without any lamp change.

The great flexibility of arrangement provided by eyevis omniSHAPES arises from the fact that they are available in 10 different standard shapes and, in addition, they can be manufactured in shapes to suit your particular requirement. Each unit can be used on its own or combined with others of the same or different shapes. In addition, the units can be assembled to form straight or curved walls, concave or convex.

If your project requires a small configuration, eyevis omniSHAPES can be used as stand alone or be placed around a product, in applications such as product launches or exhibitions.


image of eyevis omniSHAPES application


image of eyevis omniSHAPES application


image of eyevis omniSHAPES application


image of eyevis omniSHAPES application


image of eyevis omniSHAPES application




When you add together all the possibilities, the results can be amazing as you can see from these few pictures.


Main features:

Ten standard shapes plus custom shapes;

smaller than LCD;

high flexibility in configuration;

can be arranged to form straight or curved walls;

high image quality;

pixel pitch 0.4mm;

space between shapes only 0.8mm;

uses LED light;

no lamp change;

no colour wheel;

low power consumption;

light weight;

easy to handle by a single person;

strong base frame, capable of support up to 12 units high;

doesn't require additional support frame;

more economical than 3 or 4 mm pixel pitch LED screens;

available in different brightness surfaces (screens);

available in different viewing angle screens.




Architectural installations;


broadcast studios;



point of sales;

visit centres.










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