VIOSO - calibration and adjustment software for presentation


Projecting in an unusual surface? ... with VIOSO that is not a problem.

VIOSO technology allows you to project on textured and shaped surfaces. With the help of a camera (needed only once), the software calculates the structure of the surface and performs a real-time correction for every pixel.


Checked curtain
projection without colour correction
projection with Vioso colour correction


The outstanding results of VIOSO colour correction can be seen with a projection in a checked curtain.






BEFORE: projected image without correction.





AFTER: image with VIOSO correction.


See video below





VIOSO can also be used for projection in textured surfaces.


projection in a texture surface without correction
projection in a textured surface with VIOSO correction
projection in a building


BEFORE: projected image without correction




AFTER: image with VIOSO correction.




Projection in a building with VIOSO correction.


See video below






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