AV Stumpfl Desert Screen


Another innovative product from the multi-award winning Austrian manufacturer AV Stumpfl, the Desert screen includes support arms for the installation of short throw projectors. They are ideal for any situation where, finding a place for setting-up the projectors may be difficult, such as when there are no mounting facilities or stands, or the projectors are in the way.


image of AV Stumpfl Desert screen


image of AV Stumpfl Desert screen in an exhibition stand


image of AV Stumpfl Desert screen at the command center of the Dutch Airmobile Brigade

The Desert screens are available in different ratios and provide a low cost solution for panorama presentation. They are also available as standard or curved screens.


Main features:

Mobile front projection screen;
based on Monoblox 64 frame;
mounting arms for (short throw) projectors;
stepless distance adjustments for projectors;
standard or curved screen;
available in 16:9, 16:10 and panorama sizes;
low cost option for panorama projection;
single and multiple projector options;
normal aluminium or in black anodized.



Rental, education, training and road shows;

exhibition stands (no rigging required);

panorama presentations (provides a low cost option);

curved screen applications, including simulation.

Note: the Desert screen was developed for use by the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The photo (bottom) shows the installation at the command center of the Dutch Airmobile Brigade.







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