ITI Insights    Issue 2 - April 29, 2013


Welcome back to ITI Insights. In this issue we take a closer look at the AV Stumpfl FullWhite screen. This is a borderless screen, where the frame is hidden behind the surface.


image of AV Stumpfl FullWhite screen

It is apparent from the first look that due to its minimalistic design, the AV Stumpfl FullWhite screen can be easily integrated in any décor and is ideal for applications that require a smart and elegant screen, such as architectural installations, boardroom/ conference rooms and upmarket home theatres.

What may not seem obvious is that this is also a highly versatile screen. When you need a very large projection screen, but don't have one, or when you don’t have as many large screens as you need for a particular project, AV Stumpfl FullWhite screens are the ideal solution.

They can be placed side by side to form a large screen. Once butted next to each other, there is only a very small vertical gap between them, similar to the vertical seam, seen in some projection foils..

The versatility of the AV Stumpfl FullWhite screen is made even greater by the fact that, when using several screens, they can be arranged to wrap around rooms, or in rooms with odd shapes or even around obstacles. In addition, as they remain separate screens, this approach offers a good return on investment.


The picture below shows several AV Stumpfl FullWhite screens, wrapped around a large venue, at the SPIEF 2012 (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum) conference in St. Petersburg. The AV Stumpfl FullWhite screens provided the flexibility required to wrap around the walls of the irregular shaped venue.


              image of SPIEF 2012



image of AV Stumpfl FullWhite plug-in frame image of assembly of AV Stumpfl FullWhite plug-in frame surface assembly on a FullWhite


Mobile projection screen;

fixed, installation projection screen;

wall and ceiling mount;

flying screen;

special effect screen;

staging and event screen;

multidisplay screen;

architectural installations;

boardroom/ conference rooms;

upmarket home theatre projection screen.



Main features:

Plug-in, modular frame system;
very strong frame, engineered with high precision;
easy assembly;
invisible frame;
high durability and stability;
surface made from tear-resistant fabric;
tear resistant surface corner design;
clip on surface for easy assembly;
wide range of projection surfaces, including:
matt white, 3D silver, perforated and low gain black;
optional black leg system;
available in standard sizes, in 4:3 and 16:9 formats
and in custom sizes;
made in Austria, Europe.





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