ITI Insights    Issue 4 - June 4, 2013


Projecting your desktop (Windows 7) on a large screen?

You probably attended events, where you sat in front of a large screen, struggling to read the information or making out the details of the image. When you are organizing an event, or you are the presenter, you don’t want the same to happen to you. Your clients and colleagues will be frustrated and you won’t be able to communicate your message as well as you intended.

The problem is a technical one. Even a projector with a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, will not display fine detail with the image quality required, when projected on a large screen. Technical drawings, spread sheets, mathematical equations and many other types of images require a higher resolution.

image of large screen projection with three projectors


image of hardware required for VIOSO Anyblend set-up

The ideal solution is to employ several projectors to cover the same display area and use VIOSO Anyblend to generate the output to the projectors.

VIOSO Anyblend , a software for multiple projector setup, will split the image between the projectors in such way that each projector maintains its own resolution. With each additional projector the screen resolution is increased. The final resolution is equal to the sum of the resolution of each projector minus the blending areas (where the images of two projectors overlap).

Example: Four projectors (2 for the width and 2 for the height), with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels each, are used to create a wide screen. With VIOSO Anyblend the screen resolution is 3840x2160 pixels (minus the blending areas, each of approximate 100 pixels), i. e. much higher than the resolution of even the highest resolution computer monitor.



System requirements:

Computer with Windows 7 operating system;

multi-head graphics card or external graphics processor, such as Matrox -to-go or Datapath X4;

projectors (short throw or standard).



image of set-up of large screen projection of desktop


image of a large screen projection of desktop


image of simulation


Uses for high resolution desktop projection include:

Accounting and finance;



digital signage;









Main VIOSO Anyblend features:

Requires Windows 7;

requires multi-head graphics card or external graphics processor, such as Matrox -to-go
               or Datapath X4;

runs from a laptop with an external graphics processor, as above;

camera supplied with the software;

camera based calibration for edgeblending, image shaping and colour correction;

for odd or unusual shape projection such as spheric displays, cones or sails, the shape of the
               image is adjusted manually on the computer screen;

camera based colour correction compensate for uneven colour on walls or floors;

camera based calibration compensates for projectors with different resolutions and light outputs
               (within limits);

camera based calibration achieved in a few minutes;

after calibration, Anyblend resides in the background;

includes a mediaplayer (applications: 1. run pictures in sequence, 2. playback video and
               3. convert PowerPoint to slides for manual presentation), supporting several formats;

includes a playback function, with timer (useful for applications such as an automatic digital
               signage player);

license available for 2 to 6 projectors;

USB version available for use in several computers (only one at a time);

available in a hardware bundle with a micro server and a high end server (with Anyblend installed
               and configured). Note: the system includes 6 outputs via display port;

made in Germany.



NOTE: Anyblend doesn’t work with Windows XP. For computers running XP, you have to use VIOSO Presenter. VIOSO Presenter has similar features to Anyblend, but it is limited to three outputs (projects).



Download VIOSO Anyblend - free 30 days - from the VIOSO website:    Go to button

Tutorial - create a seamless high resolution display using several projectors and VIOSO Anyblend:     Go to button

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