ITI Insights    Issue 5 - July 15, 2013


Looking for a digital display that will attract attention? Let’s be frank about it: a LCD monitor will not do it!

You probably walked pass LCD displays in shopping centres, exhibitions and many other venues without a single glance at them. Most likely you didn’t even notice that they were there. LCD displays look like the TVs at our homes and for this reason alone, no matter how much money is spent on producing the content, they simply haven’t got enough audience appeal.


image of NT foils


A better option, much more effective than LCD, which can be achieved even on a low budget, is projection on foils. Foils can be applied to a range of surfaces, which may be already part of the décor or specially selected for the projection. Examples are glass cabinets, window frames, glass doors and glass panels. They can also be applied to curved surfaces. Projection surfaces, such as glass can be cut into interesting shapes and can be positioned at different locations, including ceiling. Foils are also highly effective as night display. This provides an enormous versatility of design.

image of NT foils in shop window

In addition, the projection system can be linked to other devices, such as proximity detectors, which allow for the content to change or start when someone approaches, which is often used at museums.

Foils are available in different colours/densities. Clear foil (transparent projection) doesn’t obstruct the view or light. Even when the projection is on a large glass or acrylic panel, placed in front of a window, passers-by can look through it. Inside a shop or gallery, projection surfaces can be used as divider, without making the room look smaller.



image of clear foil projection


image of clear foil projection


image of foil projection on a window


Projection on transparent foils has been around for some time, but many people are still amazed by it and often stop for a closer look. This increases the chance that your message will be viewed and acted upon.


Architectural installations;


art galleries;



point of sales;

real state;

trade shows;

travel agencies;

visitor centres.





NT foils:

Available in 1.5 meter wide and length up to 15 meter;

can be used in horizontal or vertical set-up;

available in different colours/ densities, from almost clear to a dark grey, for set-up in different
                conditions and the creation of special effects;

can they be cut into desired shape;

can be used in small or large set-ups, such as panorama and multi-display applications;

increase the strength of any glass surface.

For the budget conscious, a complete system, including NT foils, supplied by us, can be sourced for as little as $750. If you are looking for a better quality we can supply LED hybrid technology projectors and an AV Stumpfl HD Player.

LED hybrid technology projector:

Easy to use;

low maintenance;

short restart time after shut down;

projection light source life around 20,000 hrs;

energy efficient;

produces little heat;

safer in environments where a normal projector may overheat and switch off.

AV Stumpfl HD Player:

Solid-state media player;

no moving parts;

virtually maintenance free;

play diverse type of media, such as MPEG2, WMV, MPEG4 and picture sequences;

can be controlled remotely controlled;

can be linked to control systems;

for wide screen and multi-projectors presentations, several player can run in sync;

made in Austria.





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