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AV Stumpfl screens - keep your enquiries coming. We do have stock and there is a new shipment on the way.
Also, should you need information, we maintain a sales databases; to assist you in your future acquisitions; or to help you to locate screens in the configuration you require.


... introduces new products

Screenline our new range of projection screens, is a perfect example of Italian creativity and design excellence.

No press-studs. No fixed attachment points.
Instead, continuous grooves, on both sides of the frame, allow for even tension on the surface and insure less risk of damage during set-up. In the case of surface expansion or contraction, common at varying temperatures and with surface ageing, not one, but up to 5 sets of grooves, allow for the surfaces to be mounted according to its changed size.

One frame … two systems.
Projection surfaces, with or without border, can be accommodated on the same frame. The trick? The continuous grooves, used to mount the surface, are on both sides of the frame. The front grooves are used to attach surfaces with borders, and the back ones, for the borderless surfaces.

Curve screens, which maintain the curvature throughout the whole width?
Unlike other projection screens systems, Screenline frames ensure that the surfaces maintain the desired curvature.

Screenline promises many new developments in the future, and ITI Image Group should be actively involved in the process.



Weigl our new range of show controllers, is the ideal answer for small or large installations.

Used around the world, Weigl provides interactive control technologies for themed entertainment, exhibits and shows.

The electronic controllers can operate stand-alone or can connect with applications running on a computer or on third-party devices.



Eyevis control room technology provides reliable large-screen system, where 24/7 operation is required.

The high quality, German made, eyevis systems are used in control rooms around the world, in a wide variety of applications, such as telecommunications, military applications, traffic control, transportation, energy, aerospace, airports, water and sewage plants, public utilities, emergency services, police and fire departments, and data centres.







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