Screenline OnlyWhite

Italian creativity and design excellence.

Weigl control

For your small and large installations.

Hato Black Projection Paint

High contrast even with ambient light.

VIOSO systems

Blending & warping hardware & software solutions.


Projectors for all applications.

eyevis Omnishapes

Reliable 24/7 operation.

VIOSO AnyBlend

Dome, building projection and more.

ITI Lite Truss

Light & elegant truss systems.

Screenline Arena

Italian creativity and design excellence.

Weigl control

For your small and large installations.

Lang frames

German projector mounting frames.

VIOSO AnyBlend

Simulation where it really counts.

eyevis OmniShapes

Rear projection cubes for creative displays.


Interactive projection systems.


Video walls, LCD & LED panels mounting systems.

Vioso Anyblend

Camera based autocalibration for blending & warping.

VNS GeoBox

Hardware based system for projection, blending, warping and video wall control.


COVID-19 safe controls

Contactless controls

Cleaning audiovisual or digital signage controls after each usage, is not only laborious, but may not can be sufficient to eliminate the virus from surfaces often touched.

We have a range of contactless technologies to make your display safe:

- Media Player  allowing for show scheduling.
- Senso Pads  can trigger a show without touching.
- IR Motion sensor
- QR and bar code reader  allows selection of content using a smart phone.
- Pressure Mat  integration.
- Foot switch  integration, even for multiple shows (in conjunction with the Eikon RS232 controller).
- radarTOUCH  turns any display, surface or even open space into a multiTOUCH screen, and adds interactivity, even to large video walls.


Eikon Screens - our own range of projection screens

After more than 25 years supplying screens and working closely with AV professionals, in severalcountries, we joined forces with manufacturers to develop screens, that suit our customers requirements at attractive prices.

The range includes:

- Eikon 32  - single frame, folding screens, with profile 32mm x 32mm.
- Eikon 64  - single frame, folding screens, with profile 32mm x 64mm.
- Eikon V64  - modular frame, up to 30m wide, with profile 32mm x 64mm.
- Eikon ALR  - projection screens with ambient light rejection surfaces.

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Projection Screens

Screenline 3in1 Screenline 3in1 is a perfect example of Italian creativity and design excellence.

1 frame, 3 systems (front, rear and borderless surfaces).
The continuous grooves, used to mount the surface, are on both sides of the frame. The front grooves are used to attach surfaces with borders, and the back ones, for the borderless surfaces.

No press-studs. No fixed attachment points. Instead, 5 continuous grooves, on both sides of the frame, allow for even tension on the surface and insure less risk of damage during set-up.
In the case of surface expansion or contraction, the 5 sets of grooves, allow for the surfaces to be mounted according to its changed size.

Screenline 3in1

1 frame, 3 systems


5 attachment grooves. No press-studs. No fixed attachment points.

Grooves insure less pulling of surfaces during set-up and easier adjustment in case of shrinkage.
black frames in high quality aluminium

Smooth edges - less accidental damage of borderless surfaces.
Screenline Arena Screenline Arena is the screen for total immersion projections.

Its dimensions range from 4.50 m to 12 m diameter and a curvature variable from 30° and 360°, according to the need.

Easy and quick mounting: the modular structure takes very little time to be completely assembled.

The inner projection surface may be matched with an additional external one as a blinding surface but also white o digitally printed with images or writings.

Arena is suitable for special applications such as flight or driving simulations, control halls, virtual trips in museum paths, video gaming, training courses in simulated environments and many others.

Screenline Arena

Screen for total immersion

curvature maintained through the whole width and height

light structure with pre-assembled aluminium elements
fireproof PVC surface and black thick border with eyelets
customisable diameter, height and curvature
closing external fabric can be with digital printed
Screenline Pro Screenline Pro - professional frame screen.

Designed and built using 4Rent's aluminium profile, it features a smarter shape/silhouette thanks to the the 45° corner. It stands out for its easy and quick installation.

It ensures Made in Italy products' high quality and finds its place in the rental market as well as the installers and professionals markets.

Screenline Pro

Elegant and strong, black frame

elegant and strong. black aluminium profile
✓   easy and quick installation
✓   wide range of surfaces
✓   RGB LED back lighting stripe
✓   custom sizes
Italian designed & manufactured.
EasyFold by ITI EasyFold, our own brand of mobile projection screens, features continuous sturdy frames with snap locking hinges and are ideal for staging. Its reinforced structure is suitable for either indoors and outdoors events.

They are available with front and rear projection surfaces.

It comes with a freight case. The frame, legs and fabrics can be packed into the case for easy transportation and storage.

At very competitive prices, they are ideal for all projects with a limited budget.


Mobile projection screens

✓   mobile screens
✓   snap locking hinges
front and rear projection surfaces
✓   indoors and outdoors events
✓   very competitive prices

Image & Show Control Systems

VIOSO systems - 4 PC based image 'shapping' products to suit a diverse range of applications, including multiscreen presentations, dome projection, simulation, virtual reality and building projection.

All systems use camera based calibration. Once calibrated, recalibration can be achieved with one simple click.

German designed & manufactured.

VIOSO systems

PC based image 'shapping' systems

Blending, warping, autocalibration
✓   Simulation and virtual reality
✓   Dome and building projection
✓   Camera based auto calibration
✓   Playlist based video player
German designed & manufactured
VNS GeoBox - a hardware based system for projection, blending, warping and video wall control.

It has the advantage of providing a simple set-up, with no requirement for a computer.

VNS GeoBox

Image control system

Blending, warping and video wall control
✓   Hardware based system
✓   Simple set-up
✓   No computer required
✓   Cascadable
✓   Made in Taiwan
Weigl Weigl, our new range of show controllers, is the ideal answer for small or large installations.
Used around the world, Weigl provides interactive control technologies for themed entertainment, exhibits and shows.

The electronic controllers can operate stand-alone or can connect with applications running on a computer or on third-party devices.


Show controllers for small or large installations

Interactive control technologies.
Themed entertainment, exhibits and shows.
Connected or stand-alone operation.
Connects with computer applications.
Connects with third-party devices.
interactive projection radarTOUCH - systems for interative projection.

With radarTOUCH, manufactured by Lang AG, you can turn any display, surface or even open space into a multitouch screen. Any front or rear projection, plasma, LCD or LED wall can become interactive by using radarTOUCH.

In addition to single and dual touch, real multi touch is also possible, allowing multiple users to interact in the same application.

Each radarTOUCH creates an interactive area of up to 25 meters width.


Interactive projection


turns any display surface or open space into a multitouch screen

radarTOUCH can be used in front or rear projection, plasma, LCD or LED wall
single and dual touch, real multi touch
interactive area up to 25 meters width
✓   multiple users

Mounts & Lifts

PMQ mounts PMQ mounts - our new range of brackets and support structures for screens, video walls, LED panels and monitors.

The support structures are available in wall mounted and free standing options, for mobile applications and permanent installations

Incorporates a patent magnetic soft release for front access of video wall.

The set-up and pull-down of mobile structures are quick and simple.


Brackets and support structures for monitors, video walls, LED panels

wall mounted and free standing
for mobile applications and permanent installations
patent magnetic soft release for front access of video wall
quick and simple set-up and pull-down
✓   precision Italian engineering
Maior Flip Maior Flip® is our new range of monitor ceiling mounts.

They can be installed in the false ceiling and moved down when needed, saving space and remaining invisible when not needed.

Simply with the press of a button, the tv is lowered from the ceiling, flips down and descends to the right height for the best viewing positioning. And, if needed, it can rotated around.

Maior Lift® combines practicality to interior design. Among the various models in the Maior Flip® range, from the basic models (Mod. 85-90-100) and the more sophisticated, higher performance models (Mod. 900 and 900R) there will certainly be one to meet your requirements.

Maior Flip®

Monitor ceiling mounts

combines practicality to interior design

can be installed in the false ceiling, and remain invisible until needed
✓   silent operation
can interact with home automation systems
Italian engineering and manufacturing
Maior Omnia Studio Maior Omnia® Studio is our new range of monitor floor lifts.

Maior Omnia® TV lifts enhance the TV's visual potential. They can be used in the ceiling or the floor, ensuring elegance and functionality.

They are completely automatic, manageable and configurable by intuitive app control.

Maior Omnia® Studio

Monitor floor or ceiling lifts

✓   elegance and functionality
✓   pedestal illuminatiob
✓   silent operation
✓   completely automatic
configurable by intuitive app control
Italian engineering and manufacturing
xxx Lang AG projector mounts are well known in the rental and staging industry for their quality engineering and build quality. Engineered and manufactured in Germany the frames are designed to suspend the heavy, high powered projectors safely.

Projector mounts are available for Panasonic and Epson projectors. Adapters for other brands can be supplied.

For permanent installation purposes, a version without adjustment system can be supplied.

Truss attachments, called Shorties, are available.

Lang AG

Projector mounting frames


mounts for Panasonic and Epson projectors and adapters for other brands
truss attachments are available
✓   protects projector
✓   Widely used in Europe
✓   TUV certification
engineered and manufactured in Germany

Display & Projection Solutions

eyevis eyevis Omnishapes

10 different shapes to entice your creativity. Here is the possibility to make your design a reality.

Infographics can be translated from the paper into your digital signage. The unique shapes, including right and left arrows, are ideal as direction signage.

The 10 shapes can be combined to create straight or curve walls, concave or convex.

Interested in renting? Need help with programming? No worries ... just give us a call.

eyevis Omnishapes

DLP projection powered by LED light source

✓   10 different shapes
high resolution, lightweight, highly portable
✓   creative wall designs

straight & curved walls (concave & convex) with small footprint
✓   reliable 24/7 operation
xxx Screen App, manufactured by Screenline, is both a screen for interactive projectors and a white board for erasable and rewritable writing, which can be attached directly to the wall.

Screen-App is further ideal to resurface black boards, old looking whiteboards and flip charts.

It can be used in schools, boardrooms, training environments, cafés, offices, etc.

Screen App

Write-on projection foil

both a screen for interactive projectors and a white board
can be attached directly to a wall
Semi-ridged film with adhesive back
ideal to resurface black boards and old whiteboards
suitable for writing with permanent markers
Hato projection paints Hato projection paints

Hato black projection creates a surface which performs like a projection screen surface. The paint is specifically formulated to retain the colour and brilliance of the projected image.

It provides a high gain factor and wide viewing angle.

The paint can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, incl. plastic. The application is simple by roller or spray. A grey or white undercoat will hide imperfections of the surface and provide a good base. It is water soluble and non-toxic.


Black projection paint

retain the colour and brilliance of the projected image
✓   high gain factor
✓   wide viewing angle
can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, incl. plastic
✓   water soluble and non-toxic
✓   German made

Self-adhesive rear projection transparent & translucent projection foils are ideal as shop window advertising. They are space-efficient, cost saving, and eye-catching. In addition, they protect the glass in which they are placed.

NFDOS is available in clear, grey, ultra black and mirror.

INVISCREEN®, manufactured by Gerriets GmbH, is a transparent polyester projection foil, which is invisible during the day. At night or in dark rooms one can project onto the highly transparent polyester screen.


Projection foils

ideal for shop windows advertising
space-efficient, cost saving, and eye-catching
✓   protects the glass
NFDOS: clear, grey, ultra black & mirror
INVISCREEN: crystal-clear (invisible during the day)


ITI Lite Truss ITI LiteTruss is made of polished aluminium and looks good enough to be used in retail, showrooms, museums etc. Its modular concept allows truss to be assemble to precise sizes. In contrast, conventional theatre truss is made from welded aluminium, which provides great strength, but limits the ability of customisation.

The truss comes in 15 and 20 cm square and in a 90 degree, 15 cm format. It is available in standard length, such as 30 cm, 50cm, 1m, 1.5m, 2m and in custom sizes made to your measurements. Shipping can be as a flat pack or pre-assembled.

ITI LiteTruss

Compact & light truss system

elegant design, polished aluminium
retail, showrooms, museums etc
✓   modular concept
formats: 15 & 20 cm square and 90 degree, 15 cm
available in standard lengths and in custom sizes
xxx Optoma projectors Laser projectors - with laser phosphor technology the laser light source is a solid state lamp-less illumination technology that produces consistent high brightness up to 30,000 hours virtually maintenance free. Thanks to DLP™ technology, image quality and colour performance are second to none.

Optoma’s DuraCore laser technology combines industry-leading lifetime of the laser light source with a unique dust resistant design independently IP5X or IP6X certified. The benefits of laser phosphor projectors are dependable long life, 24/7 operation capability, consistent high brightness, flexible installation, minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership.

Short throw projectors - A short throw projector is the key where there is a small room or very little space. Able to project a huge screen from less than 70cm distance, Optoma short throw models meet the demanding requirements of smaller environments. High quality detailed shadow-free presentation are now available from Optoma short throw range.

Ultra short throw projectors achieve projection without shadows, for any sized room, from as little as 40cm distance. Two or more people can use the inbuilt interactive capabilities allowing any projection surface to become an interactive one

Optoma projectors

Projectors for different applications

✓   high-resolution projectors
digital display products for all applications
laser projectors - high brightness up to 30,000 hours

short throw projectors (less than 70cm distance)

ultra short throw projectors (distance as little as 40cm)
xxx Panasonic  brings content to life with its high-performance projection technology. Panasonic's projector portfolio offers solutions up to 30,000 lumens for many environments.

Large venue
Project on a grand scale for the greatest impact with our 3-chip DLP laser projectors. SOLID SHINE laser technology delivers higher brightness for immersive and vivid picture quality.

Fixed installations Turn your creative vision into reality with 1-chip DLP and LCD projectors. Enjoy seamless integration with installation flexibility, stable, long lasting reliability and DIGITAL LINK single cable solution.

Optimised colour quality in quiet, compact design, wireless functionality and DIGITAL LINK single cable solution enable Panasonic Portable Projectors to work flawlessly in any environment.

Short throw
With uncompromising picture quality and interactive capability, this offering delivers up to 80-inch wide spectacular images in under two-feet projection for an up-close and personalised experience.

Space player
Featuring 1-chip DLP Solid Shine Laser technology in a flexible design, this projection solution boasts customised spotlighting and added built-in functionality to deliver attention-grabbing projection for the most creative content in unique venues.

Panasonic projectors

Projectors for different applications

large venue (3-chip DLP laser projectors)
fixed installations (1-chip DLP and LCD projectors)
portable (Panasonic Portable Projectors)

short throw (up to 80-inch wide images in under two-feet projection)

space player (1-chip DLP Solid Shine Laser technology)
xxx Custom made projection surfaces

We can supply a wide range of projection surfaces and customise to suit your needs and requirements.

Different border options are available such as with eyelets, or with black border with no press studs (to be fitted later to a particular frame).

Surfaces can be seamless welded if the material permits.

Surfaces can be manufactured to almost any size.

Our surfaces are usually B1 fire rated to comply with Australian Fire regulations.

Projection surfaces

Custom made projection surfaces

different screen materials, in different colours
high contrast grey and black surfaces
ambient light rejecting surfaces
rear projection and dual surfaces
perforated and micro perforated surfaces (white & grey)



We provide rental services for a wide range of products, including eyevis omniSHAPES, portable video walls, and projection systems. These services are provided in combination with our audio visual partners, locally and state wide.  
For more information, please request our rental and services catalogue.

Consider renting an eyevis OmniShapes wall.
Available in 10 different shapes (shown below), eyevis OmniSHAPES, can be combined to form exciting displays, shaped to enhance your message. And we can program or assist your team, to create your message.



We can, together with our partners, provide support in selecting and defining your presentation requirements,   desktop blending and warping for simulation and dome applications.

Integration support

With a total of 40 years of experience in setting up projection systems and facilities, including complete visitor centre and corporate projection facilities, we can help you in analysing your requirements, design and integration.
  We can prepare briefs for tender document and support your local installation.

Programming support

In addition to selling show control and blending systems, ITI provides or can arrange support of programming and system set-up.  
We have support partners in Australia and selected Asian locations.

Service and support

ITI prides itself for high quality and timely service and support for all products we import, distribute and export. In addition to our in-house support, we have access to specialists in our industry and the manufacturer.  
To get the show on the road is our most important goal.